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Three Lighthouse Academy Students getting on a LYNX bus together

Dear Friends:

An Orientation and Mobility client waiting at a SunRail stationAccess to safe, reliable public transportation has been an ongoing challenge in the region and remains an issue that directly impacts our clients—many of whom are considered transportation disadvantaged.

In a recent Orlando Sentinel op/ed commemorating passage of the ADA, Lighthouse board member and public policy chair, Cathy Matthews points out:

“To be able to thrive, those needing paratransit should have reliable transportation to meet all the conventional needs of daily living like, attending college, shopping for groceries or making a medical appointment.”

Our certified instructors teach students--of all ages--how to navigate safely in space as pedestrians on sidewalks or as commuters riding public transportation.

An Orientation Mobility Instructor walking a client through using a LYNX busYour support of Lighthouse Central Florida helps our  clients discover or reconnect to the world around them in safe, inclusive and meaningful ways.

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Kyle Johnson
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