Makenzie’s Little Room
Mackenzie and her sister sitting in their mother's lap posing for a photo

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Makenzie laying down in her cribOur Early Intervention (EI) mentors help guide children, living with blindness and vision loss, through all their developmental milestones in order to be confident, life-long learners.

Eleven month-old Makenzie is a happy and active little girl. She has a condition that affects the visual part of her brain and limits her ability to see.

Four months ago, Makenzie's mom, Kathy, enrolled her in Lighthouse's EI program. They were assigned EI mentor, Kaitie.

Kaitie quickly set about introducing the "Little Room" concept to Makenzie's household. A "Little Room" is a sensory-rich space created to promote active learning

"It's important that everytime Makenzie moves around this space she is able to touch something that makes a noise, has an interesting texture or is visually appealing when it moves. This helps her better understand space and develop early object concepts." --Kaitie, EI Mentor

Makenzie in the lap of her EI Mentor Katie posing for a photo"We’re really happy with the services and the progress Makenzie has made and grateful for the tools like the Little Room that we’ve been given to help Makenzie learn to use her remaining vision.” --Kathy, Makenzie's mom

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