2020 Dining in the Dark - June 18, 2020

@ Second Harvest Food Bank - 411 Mercy Dr, Orlando, FL 32805

the Orlando Police Department SWAT team lined up in the kitchen with the chef's at the Dining in the Dark eventDining in the Dark is one of our most popular events on the calendar. This unique dining experience is co-hosted with our partner, Second Harvest Food Bank, and is meant to offer an immersive experience into a world of smell, taste, sound and texture--all in total darkness!

The event also illustrates the isolating condition that can result from vision loss and chronic hunger. Diners are treated to a multi-course, gourmet meal prepared by professional chefs and are served by members of the Orlando police Department’s SWAT team—who navigate the pitch-black room outfitted in night-vision goggles. After dinner the lights slowly come up and diners offer telling, empathetic, testimonials about their experience.