Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Justine Siergey
Portrait photo of Dr. Justine Siergey

Volunteer leaders are essential ambassadors that help carry the message and mission of a particular cause. Lighthouse is honored to have a dedicated group of volunteers who selflessly go the extra mile, giving of their time, talent and even treasure to ensure issues related to Central Florida's blind and visually impaired are properly elevated in the community and that our clients receive the highest quality service. One such volunteer leader is Justine Siergey, a 29 year-old optometrist who serves on Lighthouse's Young Executives Committee as co-chair and chairs the Logistics committee for Lighthouse's Sight & Sole WalkFest.

This month's Volunteer Spotlight features Justine:

LCF: Are you a native Central Floridian? If not, from where? How long in region?

JS: I am originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and traveled around a lot through my education and training. I've been in the Orlando area for almost five years now.

LCF: Why and how did you get into optometry?

JS: I am an optometrist that specializes in fitting contact lenses on diseased and damaged eyes. I also give lectures to educate other doctors and professionals on contact lens fittings and advancements. I always knew I wanted to be in health care and helping people make the most of their eyes and visual system has been incredibly rewarding.

LCF: How do you apply your profession to your involvement w/Lighthouse?

JS: I am fortunate to have a lot of training with the eyes and visual system and it really helps me to gain perspective and understanding of people who benefit from Lighthouse's services.

LCF: When did you first learn about Lighthouse Central Florida?

JS: I had learned about the national Lighthouse organizations while in school and when I started in Florida I knew it would be a great resource for my patients.

LCF: What was it about the Lighthouse mission that compelled you to get involved?

JS: In my career I have seen a lot of different people with visual limitations, some of whom excel in every aspect of their lives and others who let it define and limit them. The work at Lighthouse is so importance as it empowers people and provides the support needed for them to be their best.

LCF: What was the first engagement activity in which you participated?

JS: Party in the Park was the first activity that I attended for Lighthouse. It felt so great to be part of an organization that provides such a vital service to our community. I also ran in to several of my patients who had benefited from the services.

LCF: What has been your role in Sight & Sole over the years?

JS: I've tried to help wherever needed. I was a committee member for the entertainment chair, then the co-chair for entertainment and this year I am the logistics chair. Its a lot of fun to be involved in different roles and to help out in something so different from my day to day work.

LCF: What is your role with the Young Executives Committee?

JS:I started out as a member, then became the vice-chair and this year I am the co-chair of the Young Executive Committee. I've tried to help out in organizing and bringing the group together and I've also recruited a few members.

LCF: Why do you feel this committee is important to extending the mission of Lighthouse?

JS: Lighthouse is an amazing organization that provides such vital services to our community. Our little YEC committee encourages young professionals to get involved and we try very hard to increase awareness and fundraise for the cause.